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Godess Awakening Crystal Grid

Beautiful goddess awakening grid 💎💜embracing all that is feminine. I created this grid to help re balance my feminine energy in conjunction with balancing my sacral chakra as some blocks had emerged. Focusing in on your sacral chakra is integral to re balance your feminine energy as within it lies your so called feminine power point ! When plugged in you will have endless power ⚡️and feel your connection to Devine feminine frequency and Mother Nature 10 fold 🌿
As women have access to both masculine and feminine energy the key is to keep it balanced so we are truly empowered to our highest potential and completely in-tuned with who we are. Being unbalanced can cause stress, loss of intuition and psychic connection, loss of creativity, disconnection with loved ones, disconnection with other females, and overall disconnection with your life’s purpose. The grid I have created for myself to re align my imbalances include moonstone, which enhances the creative and intuitive power of feminine energy... Rhodochrosite which instills overall love but focuses initially on self love and compassion including empathy for others, Rose Quartz, which gives a soft unconditional love selenite itself rejuvenates feminine energy and re aligns you with your Devine power it also helps you to connect spiritually with your angels and guides to steer You in the right direction, clear Quartz points amplify the overall energy flowing in a circular motion towards the selenite heart in the centre and moonstone terminator.