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About Us

"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create." Buddha

Krystal + Wood was initially started in 2017. I always had the interest for Crystals and healing with the use of Crystals from a very young age. I later discovered that I was gifted with healing & psychic abilities from my Ancestors. My soul was always troubled living in a hectic corporate world, and I realised that my life purpose was to be able to help people in need of healing and uplifting spiritual energy in their everyday life.

As I endeavoured on my Shamanic Journey I realised that in order to adequately support my clients needs I would need to supply them with Crystals and other modalities to heal their own lives in conjunction with my healing and mentoring sessions. It was then that K+W was created to offer a genuine and spiritually motivated product. ♥︎


Our Ethos  


Our offerings are carefully sourced from local suppliers where quality is our highest priority. We partner with ethical and sustainable suppliers that support local communities and K+W vision. Our crystals are 100% authentic and of natural essence. We cleanse all crystals prior to sale and raise the vibration of each one with singing bowl vibrational energy + pure intention which makes our offering unwell any other.

✚ How we prepare your Crystals and grids for the best results ✚

I am a Shamanic healer and Reiki Master I understand the frequency and energy required to obtain the best out of your crystals and grids. I spend time customising each order by intuitively connecting and using that intuition to select crystals/ kits and compile grids that will serve your highest good and manifested intention. Crystals are cleansed & charged with high frequency vibration through singing bowls and Shamanic Reiki energy, for Crystal grids the intention is set and each each crystal is connected in the intended formation.

✚ Ethically Sourced ✚

Crystals sourced from reputable local wholesalers with the highest quality and vibration for the best results. As these crystals are all unique natural beauties there will be slight differences in shape colour and size from what is pictured please embraces its natural unique beauty as it has been intuitively selected for you. Wood sheets are locally sourced from reputable wholesalers embracing woods that are natural to Australia's. In the interest of maintaining our trees and forests our supplier replaces trees with a newly planted tree in its place. Wood ply sheets range from 3-5mm details outlined in the description colours and texture will slightly vary due to the natural beauty of the product. Every piece is handled with care sanded and finished by hand to ensure you receive a unique product hand crafted for you ❤︎

✚ Eco Friendly Packaging ✚ 🍃

We package our goods with the environment in mind, by using as much recycled product as possible. Using packaging that is safe for individuals and the environment. Supporting manufacturing practices with minimal impact on energy consumption and natural resources.


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