< K+W Manifesting Board - Self, Love, Abundance – Krystal + Wood

K+W Manifesting Board - Self, Love, Abundance

I have been working on this manifesting board for a while bringing into one place all my manifesting elements and all that are sacred to me. This is what I have put together... 3 areas of my main manifesting ... Abundance, self, love with 2 blanks at the bottom for your on personal intentions. I have placed my manifestations on a piece of paper and crystal that I was drawn to, I find this works well for me but its whatever resonates with you. I have then placed the board on my sacred alter and will meditate on it daily. It can be placed anywhere that is scared to you like bedside, garden. Even more powerful to set the new intentions on a new moon 🌚 🐞🦋🍃🌜✨