< Releasing some old energy today as we move into Virgo Full moon 🌕 – Krystal + Wood

Releasing some old energy today as we move into Virgo Full moon 🌕

This is the time for me to start manifesting a new strong frequency to combat some of the challenges ahead. This grid signifies new beginnings and manifesting new energy in any areas you wish to Manifest 🌙🌚🌱💫  Meditation of the grid and placing your intentions on a piece of paper under the centre Quartz (as Pictured) will bring your intentions to fruition - remembering that as long as your intentions are pure and will serve you correctly in this life as intended by the universe - Also key point is time, we must be patient as there is correctly timing for everything sometimes we need to just continue with our intensions until the universe gives us the go ahead  ✨💙 Continue to meditate daily on the grid to fast track and strengthen your intention. Grid contains centre Clear quartz point, literally the most beautiful, healing and powerful energy sphere I have in my collection. The grid also contains Rose Quartz soft loving energy as well as a stabilising energy. Opalite is bringing in unconditional love, inner peace and a sense of calm in any situation. The clear quartz points on the outer and 4 point direction to the centre simply amplify the energy of the grid pushing the flow in a clockwise direction. C.L